Major Late Week Winter Storm Will Bring ...

Major Late Week Winter Storm Will Bring Heavy Snows to Our Region… or Not.

By now you have surely heard this news and are rightly concerned about all the what-ifs. Especially in regards to your emergency power generator.

  • Will it start when needed?
  • It’s pretty old, can it handle a long outage?
  • Only part of the building is on generator power, how will I handle the logistics with my staff?

While the weather pundits debate whether we will see 1″ or over 2 feet of snow, perhaps now is the time to assess the condition of your generator to be sure its ready to go should winter weather bring power outages across our region.

Small considerations can go a long way to ensuring emergency power success. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Diesel Fuel – do you have a fresh supply of fuel? Snow covered roads may make fuel delivery difficult during and immediately following a storm. Has it been treated by your fuel supplier to ensure quality? Fuel problems equate to about 90% of all no start or poor engine performance call-outs. Keep a supply of spare fuel filters on the shelf at all times for quick replacement by your maintenance team. Not sure what filters your generator needs? Call us.
  • Outdoor Units – be sure to periodically check the enclosures and control panels of outdoor generators for rodent nests. This also applies to indoor units that are in remote areas with little human activity. Mice WILL make nests in the warm confines of a generator chewing wires and causing havoc. Keep these areas free of infestation. Do not rely solely on our quarterly and semi-annual inspections to notify you of a potential concern. Much can happen between our 3 to 6 month visits. So check now, before the storm!
  • Battery Chargers and Block Heaters – ensure that both of these items are operational. May sound simple, but quite often we find during our inspections that these have been unplugged.

Strategic Thoughts

Avoid the panic and sleepless nights every time a storm threatens. Plan now to safeguard your facility from a potential power outage. Consider replacing older generators with a newer system capable of powering more segments of your building.

Rest assured that whatever Mother Nature sends our way this weekend our team of technicians is standing by to assist should you need emergency generator service.

Contracted customers should use the P3 Emergency Contact number for After Hours Support: 800-283-1585.  However, for fastest service during normal working hours of Monday – Friday (8am to 5pm), please use our office number 908-454-1124.

P3 Generator Services is a New Jersey based generator service company that provides maintenance contracts, repairs, rentals, and sales for commercial facilities located throughout New Jersey and the eastern Pennsylvania counties of Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, Bucks, and Northampton.

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