Communication is Key to Saving Money

Communication is Key to Saving Money

Help your generator service team to help you better … and SAVE you money too.

While regular maintenance can greatly reduce the chances that your generator will have an operational failure, sometimes events occur that require an emergency dispatch from your service provider’s On-Call team.

This is when your help is critical to getting the best service possible.
And it might SAVE you money too.

Emergency Call-Outs are NOT taken lightly. Getting your generator back online quickly is priority one. When calling in for emergency support, please provide your service team with the most detailed information available. This will ensure that the right personnel are dispatched to the job and will be best prepared when they arrive.

Some critical information might include:

  • No electrical power to the building, but the generator is running.
  • Generator is in Alarm. What is the Alarm notification read on the control panel?
  • Generator fail to start. Was it during manual or automatic exercise?
  • Is there engine fluid on the floor?

Something to consider
Here are a few recent actual events where the only information given was that the generator would not start:

  • FOUND: Dead Battery – battery charger was unplugged. Technician plugged in charger.
  • FOUND: Generator will not Auto-Run – Selector switch set to Manual Start. Technician re-positioned switch to proper setting.
  • FOUND: Low Coolant Temp – Block heater was unplugged. Technician plugged in heater.

Having an issue with your emergency generator system is a headache that no-one wants to have. Yet in these instances, had more information been communicated, we may have been able to walk your maintenance team through a possible solution over the phone.

Simply identifying that the generator isn’t running will not affect the timely response that you will receive from P3. However, key information communicated in advance may help provide a quicker solution.

And for the sake of checking a receptacle connection or the position of a switch, the expense of an emergency call-out could be SAVED.

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