A Creative Solution for Emergency Power

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A Creative Solution for Emergency Power

Recently our local volunteers of the Phillipsburg Emergency Squad approached us to repair a failed PTO generator on one of their response vehicles. This generator is important as it allows them to power the emergency lighting and AC equipment that is needed while on-site.

But what is a PTO generator?

A Power Takeoff Driven Generator, or PTO, is a system by which the generator uses power from an external source to produce electricity. This is not an uncommon feature – think of a farm tractor that uses the engine’s power to run accessories from behind such as mowing decks and hay balers. In the case of the Emergency Squad, the diesel engine of the truck provided the power to drive the alternator of the generator.

Unfortunately, the Cummins PTO generator on Rescue 94’s truck was beyond repair and needed a complete replacement – an expensive endeavor that would easily exceed the limited financial resources of this volunteer organization.

Through the process of investigating other options it was discovered that this vehicle typically only uses the generator for operating lights and other low power consumption equipment. Running the large diesel engine of the truck for this minimal purpose equated to a large waste of fuel.

P3 Generator Services worked with the Phillipsburg Emergency Squad team to come up with an alternative solution that not only met their auxiliary power needs, but also provided a far less expensive option. A large storage compartment with roll-out tray made the perfect platform to mount an appropriately sized gas powered generator that not only fit into limited space on the truck but also met their modest power requirements. Also realized will be the added benefits of fuel cost savings and reduced wear on the truck’s engine for this light work.

We sincerely appreciate the efforts of the Phillipsburg Emergency Squad and are very proud to have helped them find a workable solution that met their power needs.

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Like the situation with the Emergency Squad sometimes the best the solution is not always the right one. Taking time to step back and understand all elements of a problem can provide insight to new ideas. Wouldn’t you agree?

Allow P3 Generator Services to creatively help you resolve your emergency power challenges – contact us today.

The Phillipsburg Emergency Squad serves the communities of Phillipsburg, Pohatcong Township, and Alpha, New Jersey, the hometown of P3 Generator Services.

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