Block Heater Example - P3 Generator Services
Prevent a Common Generator Fail-to-Start Issue

An Easy Check That Could Save Your Generator.

Just this morning we received a call from a customer whose generator was in alarm. It was discovered that the block heater had failed leaving the engine cold. Had there been a real power outage this generator likely would have failed to start. Fortunately, the problem was resolved quickly before it became a real emergency situation.

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Frosty Thermometer - P3 Generator Services
3 Cold Weather Tips to Prevent an Emergency Service Call

Here Comes the Cold!
Winter weather is here! Whether we like it or not.

Issues related to generator performance can occur as the season’s change and the temperatures begin to fall. Here is a short list of common problems that in the past have required a call-out to our service team.

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Phillipsburg Emergency Squad - P3 Generator Services
A Creative Solution for Emergency Power

Recently our local volunteers of the Phillipsburg Emergency Squad approached us to repair a failed PTO generator on one of their response vehicles. This generator is important as it allows them to power the emergency lighting and AC equipment that is needed while on-site.

But what is a PTO generator?

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Are you taking a chance?

Living in New Jersey and Eastern PA it is not uncommon for many of us to make the pilgrimage at least once every summer to go ‘Down the Shore’ for a day trip or extended stay. If you’ve been able to get there yet this season you have likely noted that the water is exceptionally warmer compared to more recent years.

With a Bermuda high stuck off the coast for weeks, ocean temps have warmed up nicely. However, while the warm water is great for summer fun, it is also a factor for fueling tropical storm development. Are you better prepared now then at this time nearly 4 years ago?

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P3 Generator Services Mobile Generator
The Value of Mobility

Sometimes there can be a huge benefit to having a single machine that can solve multiple power requirements. And this is the value of a mobile generator platform.

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Battery Check - P3 Generator Services
How old are your batteries?

Yearly maintenance will benefit your generator by routinely running the system, checking for proper operation, and identifying potential issues like worn belts and hoses.

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Fuel Management - P3 Generator Services
We’re concerned about the fuel in your tank. You should be too.

Fuel issues are the number one reason for emergency call outs. With hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in fuel inventory at stake, testing for fuel quality should be #1 on your to do list.

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P3 Generator Services Logo
More than PM Service

Routinely changing generator engine fluids and checking for proper mechanical and electrical operation is an important element to proper generator maintenance. P3 Generator Services provides service contracts specifically to meet this need.

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Major Late Week Winter Storm Will Bring Heavy Snows to Our Region… or Not.

By now you have surely heard this news and are rightly concerned about all the what-ifs. Especially in regards to your emergency power generator.

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