Is your generator NFPA compliant?

Is your generator NFPA compliant?

Cross-Industry Benefits of Load Banking: What you need to know.

Many health care facilities are required to meet certain aspects of NFPA Code when it comes to testing and ensuring adequate performance from their emergency generator systems.

Yet the benefits of load banking your generator go beyond simply meeting a mandate and are good practice for any industry application.

According to NFPA 110, 8.4.2 and


All diesel generators must be exercised monthly for a minimum of 30 minutes using one of the following methods:

  • Loading must maintain minimum exhaust gas temperatures as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Under operating temperature conditions and at not less than 30% of the generator standby nameplate kW rating.

Diesel-powered generators that do not meet these conditions must be exercised monthly with available building load AND exercised yearly with supplemental loads (Load Bank) at:

  • not less than 50% of generator nameplate kW rating for 30 minutes, and;
  • not less than 75% of kW rating for 1 hour for a total test duration of not less than 1.5 hours.

Having a Load Bank performed on your generator will not only achieve the mandates of code, but also ensure that your generator will be able to successfully maintain its capacity rating should an actual emergency occur. And isn’t that why you have it in the first place?

Load Banking is another piece that allows you to complete the puzzle of complete generator care and maintenance.

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