How to Prepare Your Generator for Any We...

How to Prepare Your Generator for Any Weather Emergency

Generator Maintenance is a Team Sport.

Our goal at P3 Generator Services has never been to strike alarm or concern with every storm that could potentially hit our region. But with the recent effects of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and now others churning across the Atlantic, it is clear that we are certainly in the throes of a very active tropical cyclone season.

The best advice that can be offered is to always be prepared regardless of the forecast.
Having a qualified service team that routinely inspects and maintains your generator system is your first line of defense. They will be able to identify and correct areas of concern long before problems arise.

We believe that educating and advising your facility maintenance staff on best practices for generator care is part of providing quality service.

No matter if it’s spring floods, summer electrical storms, fall hurricanes, or winter snow and ice, severe weather can happen anytime. Following these easy tips will ensure that when an emergency does cause a loss of power, you will be able to proudly weather any situation.

Here’s a short checklist to help your team prepare.


  • Make sure you have a full tank of fuel to maximize your run time during an emergency. Every gallon of fuel could become critical if access to your facility becomes impaired and fuel delivery trucks can’t reach you in a timely manner.
  • Do you have a fuel delivery team on call? Best practice would be to have a fuel vendor lined up well in advance of an emergency to ensure that they can respond quickly. When your fuel gauge is near empty, is not the time to start thumbing through the Yellow Pages for a fuel delivery source.

Fuel Filters

  • 95% of generator failures are due to poor fuel quality and clogged fuel filters. Best practice is to keep a few spare fuel filters on the shelf that your maintenance staff can use for quick changes, if necessary.
  • Not sure how to do this? Your service provider would be happy to inform and train your staff.
  • If there is an emergency and your generator fails to start, your service provider will do everything they can to get to you as quickly as possible. However, it is important to remember that during some recent weather events, flooded streets, downed trees, and other situations may delay a technician from reaching you quickly.

Battery Chargers

  • Is your battery charger plugged in?
  • Believe it or not, we have been called out for fail to start concerns only to find that the battery was dead due to the charger’s power cord being pulled from the wall receptacle.
  • Don’t find yourself adding to that statistic. Make sure yours is plugged in.

P3 Generator Services is here to help you before and during any weather related emergency event. Working with your team and preparing them in advance is part of creating a winning combination that will weather any pending storm.

Never be unprepared. Review these recent news articles from P3 Generator Services to help you weather any emergency – natural or man-made:

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