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Remembering the Northeast Blackout of 2003

Originally posted on 08/14/2017 (edited)

Are you better prepared today?

Today marks the anniversary of the Great Northeast Blackout of 2003
On August 14th, 2003, hot and humid weather conditions prevailed across the region straining utilities with the increased demand on electrical service. Shortly after 4 o’clock that afternoon, over-heated power lines in Ohio sagged into unpruned trees. The result triggered a massive power grid failure that stretched from Ontario, Canada and some mid-western states to the mid-Atlantic and southern New England.

This event, that left some without power for up to a week, caught electric distribution companies, government agencies, businesses, and individuals alike completely off guard. Were you one of them?

  • Critical human support facilities were left without power.
  • People were stranded in high rise elevators.
  • Municipal water pumping stations and waste water treatment pumps failed leaving tens of thousands without clean drinking water for days prompting boil water alerts in major metropolitan areas.
  • Metro trains came to a standstill offering the surreal image of business people walking home along the tracks, briefcases in hand.

Major events like this, and more recently Super-storm Sandy, make us appreciate how dependent we are on the continuous availability of reliable power. But unlike a weather event that you might have a day or two to brace for, this historic blackout of 2003 proved that disaster can happen when you expect it least.

Let’s not allow time to erase the memories of the challenges faced during these past emergency events. Take time today to reflect on this blackout from over 15 years ago and review your own emergency power preparedness plans. Are your systems capable of performing to your expectations when the next outage occurs?

Never be unprepared.

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