The Value of Mobility

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The Value of Mobility

Sometimes there can be a huge benefit to having a single machine that can solve multiple power requirements. And this is the value of a mobile generator platform.

What image comes to mind when you hear the word Generator?
More often than not, visions of a large stationary machine that sits out back or in the dark reaches of your building would most likely pop-up. The fact is, you would not be entirely wrong with this assessment. Frequently these are the solutions that best fit the needs of a single facility looking to provide emergency/stand-by power.

However, there are cases in which this type of generator solution may not necessarily fit the application or the need. Sometimes there can be a huge benefit to having a single machine that can solve multiple power requirements. And this is the value of a mobile generator platform.

Imagine the ability to simply and quickly roll in a generator and put power exactly where it is needed, when it is needed most. Some examples might include:

  • Multi-facility operations can have one unit to service many locations.
  • Access to back-up power without the need for lengthy government permitting processes and site preparation.
  • Facilities already partially served by a stand-by generator can easily supplement power to enable other building systems.
  • Operations with critical needs can employ a redundant emergency back-up.
  • Businesses that need to maintain seasonal heating and cooling to protect perishable inventory.

These and many other situations highlight the value of a mobile generator solution.

The Other Half of the Equation
Whether the decision is made to invest in a mobile generator or rent as needed, ensuring your building is properly enabled for the electrical connections prior to an outage is critical to getting power back on quickly.

When the power goes out many incorrectly assume that simply having access to a mobile generator will solve their problems. While getting a mobile unit is certainly a good start, there are other questions to consider which are just as important as having access to a generator:

  • Where are the building connections?
  • Have all required systems been connected to a single point?
  • How much cable is needed from where the generator will be placed?

And there are these realities, as many discovered prior to and during Sandy:

  • If relying on rental options, when emergencies occur will a generator be available in the size that is needed? Or will they already be rented out when you call?
  • Does your facility staff have the knowledge and expertise to safely make the connections, or will an electrician need to be called in?
  • During such an emergency will you even be able to find one available?
  • How quickly will they be able to arrive?
  • Will your building even be accessible due to closed roads or flooding?

Having a mobile generator on hand is certainly a step in the right direction, but if any of these questions need to be answered when the emergency is already happening, then chances are the use of that generator will be greatly delayed.

Quick and Safe Connections Made Easy

Consider installing a double throw manual transfer switch to your facility to provide an easy and safe means with which to connect power.

New products are now available allowing those with very little or even no electrical system knowledge a safe and easy means by which to enable mobile generator power to building load. Some of these new transfer switch systems now come with color coded connections, making the generator hook up as simple as connecting the green cable to the green connector. Built-in circuit breakers also protect the user against an improper connection or transfer which could cause damage to the building, to the generator, or more importantly to themselves!

Certainly, stationary units with fully automatic transfer switches are an excellent solution to power outages. As long as they are maintained properly, they will perform well with no involvement from your staff. Some locations, situations, or businesses however, cannot afford this luxury. Investing in either a manual transfer switch alone or a manual transfer switch plus a mobile generator can be a nice, safe, “middle of the road” solution versus “I’ll call someone to help” when the power goes out.

Questions on whether this is a solution that would fit your needs? Contact us today to learn more.

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