Generator Maintenance – a puzzle not too difficult to solve

Quality generator maintenance means so much more than simply changing fluids.

Think of it as a puzzle where every element is integral to the solution and each one uniquely connects to the other. Success is only gained when every piece is carefully put into place. And a puzzle with missing pieces is unsolvable.

Is your set complete?

Learn about the many services that P3 Generator Services provides helping you to complete your puzzle and ensuring successful generator operation.

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Member: Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce

P3 Generator Services is proud to have joined the huge association of businesses that make up the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce which represents Warren County, NJ and the Pennsylvania counties of Northampton, Lehigh, Carbon. #LVCC #thechamber

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P3 Generator Services NJDOH Annunciator Post Image
NJDOH releases clarity statement on generator regs

Recently, nursing home facilities throughout the state of New Jersey received a letter from the NJ Department of Health clarifying the State’s position regarding generator requirements.

This notification highlighted two main points; annunciators and load testing regulations, areas that we, as a generator service provider, have fielded the most inquiries about over the past year. Therefore, in an effort to provide some feedback from our perspective, here is a brief summary of the main points.

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Communication is Key to Saving Money

Help your generator service team to help you better … and SAVE you money too.

While regular maintenance can greatly reduce the chances that your generator will have an operational failure, sometimes events occur that require an emergency dispatch from your service provider’s On-Call team.

This is when your help is critical to getting the best service possible.
And it might SAVE you money too.

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P3 Generator Services names a new GM

Twenty-seven years.
That’s how long P3 Generator Services has been servicing the needs of businesses that depend on emergency power systems for their success.

The past several of which have provided tremendous growth and opportunity for our company. To guide us through the next phase, P3 has brought on board a new team member to lead the way.

Please join us in welcoming Tyler Collinge, General Manager of P3 Generator Services.

Having spent the last 6 years with DHL in logistics management, Tyler brings an appreciation for scheduling, prioritization, building customer relationships, and, most importantly in our world of generator maintenance, a commitment to respond with a sense of urgency.

Tyler’s new role here at P3 will be directing and coordinating all aspects of our team, both in the field and in the office, to provide the highest level of service to meet customer expectations.

Please feel free to reach out to Tyler directly. He will be very happy to answer any questions.

Tyler Collinge, GM
P3 Generator Services
Office: 908-454-1124
Mobile: 908-507-1674
Email: tyler@P3GeneratorServices.com

Tyler Collinge, GM - P3 Generator Services

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Frosty Thermometer - P3 Generator Services
3 Cold Weather Tips to Prevent an Emergency Service Call

Here Comes the Cold!
Winter weather is here! Whether we like it or not.

Issues related to generator performance can occur as the season’s change and the temperatures begin to fall. Here is a short list of common problems that in the past have required a call-out to our service team.

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Fuel Management - P3 Generator Services
We’re concerned about the fuel in your tank. You should be too.

Fuel issues are the number one reason for emergency call outs. With hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in fuel inventory at stake, testing for fuel quality should be #1 on your to do list.

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