We Service RV Generators!

When we say the P3 Generator Service team can repair any generator, we mean ANY generator, even the compact unit inside your RV! With winter soon to break and the days getting longer, summer will soon be upon us! Is your RV or Camper ready for road trip season? The last place you want to find out your […]

How to check air quality reports for generator testing

How to check AQI air quality for generator testing

Did you know that exercising or testing your generator on a bad air quality day could result in a huge fine from the state DEP? Here’s what you need to know to check for the air quality in your region BEFORE running your generator for testing.

The BEST time for a generator failure is ….

Noon on a clear day, or 2 AM during a storm.  When do you want to hear about your generator problems? We’ll take bets that it’s not the latter. Yet many facility managers have the same fear. Will their generator perform as expected when the power goes out in the middle of the night? Discovering […]

What you can’t see might be killing your generator.

Bad Fuel Kills Generators

When a generator fails to start or is running poorly the first thing people think is that there must be a mechanical issue. Yet surprisingly, most performance issues can be traced back to bad fuel quality. Here’s why you should care.