Member: Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce

P3 Generator Services is proud to have joined the huge association of businesses that make up the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce which represents Warren County, NJ and the Pennsylvania counties of Northampton, Lehigh, Carbon. #LVCC #thechamber

The Cooling System Flush: Why, When, What, and How Much

P3 Generator Services Coolant System Flush

The Cooling System Flush – An uninteresting topic? Think again. This one may save you from thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs and sudden generator failure. Radiator failures can be huge expenses that may leave your generator unusable for days while parts are ordered and repairs made. A situation that can leave any building manager […]

What is wet stacking and what to do about it?

Wet Stacking P3 Generator Services

Preventing side effects from diesel wet-stacking Weekly runs of a diesel generator are certainly important to lubricate moving parts and ensure starting. However, they are typically not run under load and therefore do not allow the engine to reach proper operating temperature. Over time carbon deposits from unburnt fuel will build up in the combustion […]

NJDOH releases clarity statement on generator regs

P3 Generator Services NJDOH Annunciator Post Image

Recently, nursing home facilities throughout the state of New Jersey received a letter from the NJ Department of Health clarifying the State’s position regarding generator requirements. This notification highlighted two main points; annunciators and load testing regulations, areas that we, as a generator service provider, have fielded the most inquiries about over the past year. […]

Communication is Key to Saving Money

Help your generator service team to help you better … and SAVE you money too. While regular maintenance can greatly reduce the chances that your generator will have an operational failure, sometimes events occur that require an emergency dispatch from your service provider’s On-Call team. This is when your help is critical to getting the […]

Fuel Management FAQs

With the rising cost of diesel fuel P3 Generator Services has more recently been asked about how to best maintain and protect the investment of fuel already in the tank. This is good news as it means that our message about the importance of fuel management is resonating. However, we are discovering that there is […]

How to Prepare Your Generator for Any Weather Emergency

Generator Maintenance is a Team Sport. Our goal at P3 Generator Services has never been to strike alarm or concern with every storm that could potentially hit our region. But with the recent effects of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and now others churning across the Atlantic, it is clear that we are certainly in the throes […]

Remembering the Northeast Blackout of 2003

Northeast Blackout of 2003 - P3 Generator Services News

Originally posted on 08/14/2017 (edited) Are you better prepared today? Today marks the anniversary of the Great Northeast Blackout of 2003 On August 14th, 2003, hot and humid weather conditions prevailed across the region straining utilities with the increased demand on electrical service. Shortly after 4 o’clock that afternoon, over-heated power lines in Ohio sagged […]

TECH UPDATE: Avoid auto-exercising

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON AUTOMATIC EXERCISING OF EMERGENCY GENERATORS As per the EPA, emergency and stand-by generators are prohibited from operating for exercise or non-emergency purposes on days that are classified as being of poor air quality. Relying solely on your auto-exercise settings for weekly automatic run times places you at significant risk of having your […]

Good air, bad air, and what it all means

AirNow Image

Originally Published on 6/08/2015 Is the Air Clean Enough to Test Run my Emergency Generator? By now most facility managers are well aware that test running their emergency generator on a regular schedule can be affected depending upon whether or not it is a good air day or bad. However, Are you aware that bad air […]